Data Center Map Locations

Data Center Locations

Presensoft Inc. has the ability to provide our customers with secure data centers all over the world to store customer archived data.  Data center locations include Dallas, San Jose, Seattle, Washington D.C., Toronto, Montreal, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  Each facility is protected by proximity badges and biometrics keeping only authorized personnel within the controlled facility.


Data Security


Presensoft’s primary objective is security and reliability.  These data centers utilize multiple levels of security (including n+1 UPS battery backup units, n+1 backup generators, n+1 cooling infrastructure, biometrics and proximity badge) to ensure our customers’ data remains untampered with and secure.  Staffed 24/7 with experts available to troubleshoot and correct any issues that may arise, the data facilities run efficiently to keep your data protected.


Features of the Data Centers


Pod Design

Standardized Pod Design

Using a standard, best-in-class design, the data centers are all built to fit within the same specs.  Once the most efficient, reliable and secure way of doing something is found, there is no reason to change it. 


High Performance Rack Architecture

The design used provides a superior level of performance with high bandwidth, power and support for each server also allows for a quicker resolution to issues.  Each rack boasts 40Gbps of connectivity!


Best-in-Class Infrastructure

With multiple power feeds, fiber links, dedicated generators and battery backups, only the highest level of performance, efficiency, and reliability can be expected.


Compliance, Controls, and Security

Data Centers have 24/7 on-site security and access is limited to certified employees.  Between third party auditors and numerous detailed reports provided, even organizations with the most sensitive information can be assured their data is protected.





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