Reassessing IM Compliance Risks

By: Lori Day

Many businesses have realized the use of IM in the workplace can help increase productivity, customer relationships, and improve employee morale and teamwork.  With IM being a quick and informal way of sending a message to someone or asking a question, it has become a go-to method for companies. 

Using public IM vendors can already put you at risk for being out of compliance…

Data Sync Tools For Charge You Twice - Here’s How You Get Squeezed!

By:  Lori Day

Did you know you can integrate all of your customer emails, as well as your instant messages, into Salesforce under that specific contact?  This would give you the ability to see any conversations you, or your team members have had with that customer at a glance.  Imagine, not only the time this could save you, but the efficiency of having all of this information neatly organized…

To Archive or Not to Archive... That’s the Question

By:  Lori Day

In a New York Times interview with Kate Lister (president of Global Workplace Analytics), she stated that four official snow days last winter saved the federal government $32 million when the federal employees worked from home during the shutdown of their offices. Some would argue that any amount of work completed by the federal employees would be an improvement over the norm,…

Rip the Band-Aid Off; It Will Only Hurt for a Second

By: David Pulaski

I’ve trained hundreds of sales people over the years.  One of my favorite analogies for creating urgency for sales people is the one I call, “What kind of car do you drive?”

We have very little loyalty to cars. When we learn to drive one type of car, we, in essence, learn to drive all types of cars (big-rigs excluded). If I have a Toyota today, I can choose a Chevy…

“Trust, but verify" when it comes to Heartbleed and other internet vulnerabilities!

By: David Pulaski

“Trust, but verify” is usually attributed to Ronald Reagan.  It turns out (ironically) the proverb has Russian origins. We should let this expression be a reminder for all of us to consistently ensure our vendors are keeping up with today’s technology standards. When it comes to cloud computing anything less than an A is cause for alarm.

After the recent Heartbleed…



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