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Automatically add email and chat messages with Contacts & Leads into Salesforce

With Presensoft's Salesforce Sync tool, you can sync email and IM communication to Salesforce - from virtually any email or IM chat client. Our tool will automatically match and log each email and IM correspondence to the appropriate record in Salesforce regardless of what email or IM software your sales reps are using. All communication data will be saved and available, even if you transfer Contacts or Leads from one sales rep to another or if the sales rep leaves your firm.

Viewing the emails and IMs are simple - they will be saved in a custom field section within the Contact or Lead record so you can easily access them when looking at the record. Or, you can also search for the contact in Presensoft's Console and use additional filters to narrow down the conversation you're searching for. (Coming soon: Presensoft Console tab within Salesforce so all of you data can be available in one place!)

Why Choose Presensoft?

Separate Storage

Our cloud-based archive retains all your email and IM data to keep Salesforce data storage costs low. You also don't have to worry about users accidentally deleting important correspondence in SFDC.


Quick Search & Filter

Robust search tool allows you to search and filter data by message type, date, sender, recipient, and/or keyword and view the email or IM results in chronological order

Easy to View

View single messages in HTML format, or export search results from the Presensoft Console to view emails in chronological order.


Privacy Control

Make sure no personal conversations are logged, only users with permission can view synced data, and only administrators can purge the data.

Automatic Call-Up of Accounts

When initiating an IM conversation with a Contact or Lead, automatically pull up their information for convenient information access.


IM Screen Name Reminder

Get an alert to add new IM buddy screen names to ensure you save conversations with important Contacts and Leads.


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Easy-to-use integration

Simply input login credentials into Presensoft's web console and sync all of your email and IM data. Let us help you update contact buddy names and log all email and IM conversations into your corresponding account.

Save employees' valuable time and let our product do all the data syncing for your sales and marketing teams so they can focus on sales and growing your business!


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