IM Archiving & Compliance for Skype (Public IM)

Skype Encrypted IM ArchiveCapture encrypted Skype IM

For Skype (or MSN Messenger) users, Presensoft’s IM Policy Manager™ for Public IM also records encrypted Skype IMs – making us one of the only vendors in the industry able to record and archive Skype messages. Our software will capture, log, and preserve all Skype IM conversations for as long as needed by your organization.

As part of the Public IM solution, users are also able to log instant messages from other public IM clients including AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, and Microsoft Lync.

See our short video on archiving Skype IMs for compliance and take a peek at Presensoft's web console.


Unique benefits for Skype IM 

IM Policy Manager™ for Skype is your IM managing and compliance enforcement application. Primary features and benefits of the IM Policy Manager™ for Skype are listed below including unique policy management options, only available from Presensoft.




IM Archive

IM Archiving

Record all IM conversation in real time for employees in the office or those working from home. Capture details about the exact computer used to communicate via IM for forensic purposes.


   Personal Disclaimer

Personal Disclaimers (Unique Feature)

Automatically display your user’s true identity to ensure transparency and improve customer support. Reveal user's name, phone number, email, title, address or employee ID.




IM Restriction

IM Restriction

Control IM usage and create limitations based on user, group, IM client type or time of day. Block both desktop and web IM tools which serve as a backdoor to your compliance policy.

  Version Control

Version Control

Ensure a homogenous environment for authorized IM applications with our unique ability to provide single version, version control. Only allow updates when your organization is ready.




File and Web Blocking

File Transfer Blocking

Presensoft restricts file transfer over IM to ensure all files are sent safely via email or other file transfer services.


Web Blocking

Block file transfer and unwanted website which may have embedded IM tools such as®, other social networking sites and any other site you wish to block.


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