IM Archiving & Compliance for Microsoft Lync (Public IM)


Secure third-party archive & discovery

Microsoft Lync ArchivePresensoft’s IM Policy Manager™ for Public IM can fully integrate with Microsoft Lync to offer a solution for your IM archiving and compliance needs. The IM Policy Manager™ is an easy-to-use, central management console designed to help you to stay on top of compliance by recording all IM data in one location for quick retrieval and reference. With the IM Policy Manager™ for Public IM, users can also archive messages for AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, and Google Talk.

Presensoft's IM Policy Manager™ is a cloud-based solution which helps you capture, preserve, and archive instant messages (IM) in real-time, in any location, whether in the office or at home. Easily manage all of your employee IMs in one place. From the console, administrators can view all IM communication by any employee, set restrictions by users or groups, and track auditor trails.

Check out our short video on archiving for Microsoft Lync and how to easily manage all IMs in one place.


Advantages of Presensoft's cloud archive solution

IM Archiving

Capture all IM Lync conversations in real time for every user in the company.  Receive a detailed log about the conversations taking place and the exact computer used.

Personal Disclaimer

Automatically display user's true identity when starting an IM conversation to ensure transparency, improve customer support, and create a more professional work environment.

Role-Based Access

Create and assign user and group roles to grant access to view or alter settings, alerts, and conversation logs.

Instant Alerts

Receive instant alerts in real-time every time a user tries to perform an unauthorized activity.

File & Web Blocking

Block file transfers, unwanted websites  with embedded IM tools, and social media sites.

Auditor Trail

Track audited conversations in addition to employee conversations to maintain an auditor trail for compliance purposes.


Protect your organization

Maintain Compliance ChecklistWith strict compliance requirements set by a number of regulatory bodies, including FINRA, FERC and SEC, many companies are required to keep a detailed record of their employees’ correspondence through IM.

For companies using Microsoft Lync, Presensoft is currently one of the only solutions in the market that allows real-time archiving. Our product prevents users from deleting IM conversations before migrating over to our archive system. All conversations are recorded and archived so employers or auditors can easily search and access the IMs on Presensoft’s central console quickly and effectively.


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