IM Archiving & Compliance for ICE® Chat

Enterprise IM Archiving

Enterprise IM archiving

Presensoft and IntercontinentalExchange® have joined forces to provide the only real time logging for ICE® Chat which provide businesses with intraday data for dispute resolution and third party archiving with one service. Our IM Policy Manager for ICE® Chat allow organizations to effortlessly maintain compliance by managing employee IMs in the cloud. 


Key benefits

Real-time Access 

Real-Time Access to ICE® and YellowJacket Chat Data

Address unique IM Compliance issues in real time related to ICE® chat to compliment your compliance suite.

 Enforce Policies

 Enforce Restricted Use Policy

If your policy is not to allow certain users to use these chat tools, use Presensoft to provide evidence to compliance that the policy is being adhered to.


 Reduce e-Discovery Costs

Exporting this critical IM Chat data to any third party IM or email compliance service you may already be using.

 No Additional Hardware

Requires No Additional Hardware

If you are already using ICE® chat, you already have everything you need to get started.


Comply to federal regulations

With compliance and regulations surrounding traders and brokers, firms need to make sure they are tracking all instant message correspondence within their organization to make sure they meet these requirements as well as protect themselves from customer complaints and lawsuits.

Presensoft's IM Policy Manager for ICE Chat can help your organization maintain compliance for regulating bodies and regulations such as:

  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • SOX
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • FRCP
  • GLBA
  • NASD 3010
  • OCC Advisory
  • SEC 17A-4

Presensoft offers a seamless compliance and archiving integration solution for companies already using ICE® chat today.


Start now

Simply download our software to all products and devices you would like to track and manage. Then, access your central management console through our unique web address. Here, you can manage, log, audit, and restrict IM by user, group or the entire company.


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