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 Bloomberg Archive

Seamlessly archive instant messages from Instant Bloomberg®, the dominant chat tool used by the global financial community, to fulfill compliance requirements as set forth by FINRA, SEC, SOX, and other regulating bodies. With Presensoft's IM Policy Manager for Bloomberg, you can archive all chats in our secure cloud and obtain daily reports of IM activity.

Using Presensoft's IM Policy Manager™ for Bloomberg, easily enhance eDiscovery capabilities by storing copies of all IM data, enabling compliance officers and legal teams to quickly identify and retrieve conversations. Preserve chat data for seven years or more to adhere to compliance standards.

Primary benefits

Lower Costs 

Lower Costs

Reduce legal costs associated with collection, search, and review of context of chat conversations

 Maintain Compliance

Maintain Compliance

Streamline compliance requests by enforcing policies with our manageable web console.

 IM & Email Archive

Archive & Audit

Preserve IM chat data and randomly audit interactions and conversations as required by regulating bodies. Provide reports of auditor trail.

 No Hardware

Easy to Deploy

If you are already using Instant Bloomberg chat, you already have everything you need to get started. No expensive hardware required.


Comply with federal regulations

As IM chat becomes increasingly popular for financial traders and advisors to stay connected with partners, customers, and prospects, regulating bodies such as FINRA and the SEC are placing strict policies regarding the preservation and storage of all communication. Presensoft's IM Policy Manager not only archives all chat data, but the console also makes it easy for administrators to manage users and groups all in one central location accessible anytime, anyplace.

Presensoft's IM Policy Manager for Pivot can help your organization maintain compliance for regulating bodies and regulations such as:

  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • SOX
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • FRCP
  • GLBA
  • NASD 3010
  • OCC Advisory
  • SEC 17A-4


Get started 

Simply download our software to all products and devices you would like to track and manage. Then, access your central management console through our unique web address. Here, you can manage, log, audit, and restrict IM by user, group or the entire company.


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