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Presensoft IM Policy Manager


Track, manage, log and audit all instant messaging (IM) conversations with Presensoft's IM Policy Manager. Manage your users, data and policy all in one secure, web interface. We work with popular IM clients, including Skype™, AIM®, Lync, ICE, QQ and more. Easily access Presensoft's console through its secure site and manage your IMs from any location. Track IMs in real-time and get a complete conversation report sent straight to your inbox daily or customize it to your needs. Get instant notifications when a user is non-compliant - you set the terms, we'll send the alert to your inbox or straight to your computer!

Presensoft’s IM Policy Manager protects your data and safely stores it in the cloud so no one can tamper with your corporate compliance records. Keep records of all communication within your organization to fulfill regulatory requirements.

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Presensoft's product is the only one in the industry to maintain compliance from any location. Whether you're working in-office, remotely, or out of the country, our IM compliance and archive solution will ensure you stay compliant and pass all regulatory requirements.

Instant Message Archive from Any LocationChoose from one of Presensoft's IM compliance and archive solutions based on the type of IM client your organization uses. Easily get started today! Our products are designed to integrate effectively with one another so if you need compliance solutions for more than one product, simply contact us and we'll gladly accommodate your needs.


IM Compliance & Archive for Public IM


IM Compliance & Archive for Skype™

Works with AIM®, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype™, QQ, and more! Learn More About Public IM Compliance   Records encrypted Skype™ IM - one of the only products to do so. Learn More About Microsoft Lync IM Compliance


IM Compliance & Archive for Microsoft Lync


IM Compliance & Archive for ICE & YellowJacket

Successfully integrates with Lync for tracking and archiving. Learn More About ICE & YellowJacket IM Complianc   Real-time logging for ICE® and YellowJacket Chat with intraday data. Learn More About Pivot IM Compliance


IM Compliance & Archive for Bloomberg


IM Compliance & Archive for Pivot

Get daily reports and alerts straight to your inbox for Bloomberg chat. Learn More About Bloomberg IM Compliance   Capture IM data in real-time for your enterprise Pivot chat client. Learn More About Pivot IM Compliance



Primary features and benefits of the IM Compliance & Archive solution from Presensoft include:

  • IM Logging
    Capture all IM conversation in real time for every user in the company including inside the office or wherever s/he may travel. Also maintains details about the exact computer where IM conversations took place for forensic purposes.

  • Personal Disclaimers (Unique Feature)
    Ensure transparency and improve customer support by displaying your user’s true identity for non-repudiation and a more professional work environment.

  • Unlimited Scalability
    With no gateway bottleneck, IM system performance is never impacted no matter how large your business grows.
  • IM Restriction
    Block unauthorized use of IM by user, group, IM client type or time of day. This includes both desktop and web IM tools which serve as a backdoor to your compliance policy.

  • Version Control
    Presensoft is proud of its unique ability to provide single version, version control helping to ensure a homogenous environment for your authorized IM applications

  • File and Web Blocking
    Block file transfer and unwanted website which may have embedded IM tools such as®, other social networking sites and any other site you wish to block.

  • Multiple roles and user settings
    Set the rules for users, groups, and auditors. Track auditor trail of data and system auditing events which are important to compliance and legal non-repudiation claims.

  • Instant alerts
    Receive instant alerts of non-compliant actions straight to your computer when not signed into email or IM.

  • Store archives forever
    Store conversations as long as you want at no extra cost.


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