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Email Archiving & Compliance

Never lose another email. Presensoft's Email Archiving services captures all inbound and outbound emails and securely stores them in the cloud for quick retrieval. Our solution makes eDiscovery simple and easy.

Key benefits when using Presensoft Email Archiving Services:

Backup Emails


Store and archive all incoming and outgoing messages. Import old emails to have them all in one place.

Easy to Deploy


Simply turn it on and set your archiving policies. No expensive IT services, hardware, expensive software or storage required.

Quickly Search for Emails


With all your emails in one place, quickly retrieve emails from particular time periods, people, or content to send to a compliance auditor.

Manage Reporting


Designed to help compliance with most industry regulations, including tools to monitor internal email policy adherence.


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IM Archiving, IM Compliance and IM Security 

Be available to your clients and prospects via instant message while maintaining compliance. With Presensoft's IM Policy Manager, all IM conversations are securely captured and stored in our cloud, where you can monitor, view, and audit in one location.

Key benefits when using Presensoft IM Hosted Services:

Works with major IM clients


Don't leave your identity behind - we work with most public IM systems so you can keep your contacts and usernames.

Track all IM conversations


Log all instant messages being sent or received in one place for easy search access. Get daily IM reports sent straight to your inbox.

Maintain compliance


Manage user, message, and system interaction. Prevent users from using non-compliant terms and restricted IM systems.

Receive alerts in real-time


Get instant email alerts when employees try to access programs or users blocked by your company.

Integrates with Salesforce


Quickly retrieve contact information and previous conversations through the Salesforce integration tool. Be prepared at all times.


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Social Media Archiving & Compliance

Archive Twitter and Facebook (coming soon) posts and messages. Embrace social media as the new form of communication and allow users to continue accessing these platforms while complying with federal laws and regulations.

Key benefits when using Presensoft's Social Media Archiving Services:

Preserve data in its primitive state


Capture and store all posts and messages, including original, deleted and edited data.

Convenient, collective reporting


Search and filter social media data all in one place, whether viewing Twitter or Facebook messages.

Block restricted social platforms


Prevent users from accessing social media sites not archived by Presensoft.


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Account transitions are now easier than ever with our Mail & Messaging Data Sync. Emails and IMs are automatically logged into corresponding accounts, so your organization's users can now transfer accounts without losing any prior data or engagement history.

Key benefits when using Presensoft's integration:

Save All Communication


Log emails and instant message conversations into appropriate Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.

Quick & Easy to Install


Log in your credentials to seamlessly sync Presensoft's software with your account.

Call-Up of Accounts


When initiating an IM conversation with any Lead, Contact, or Account - automatically pull up their information conveniently.

Low Cost


Since data syncs with our console, you can view entire conversations without increasing your costs!


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Email Hosting

Lower costs, create user flexibility, and free some IT responsibilities when you choose to use Presensoft's Email Hosted Services. Allow employees to focus on more important tasks at hand while we take care of your email hosting.

Key benefits when using Presensoft Email Hosted Services:

Same Domain Emails


Create emails with your domain name, without the IT hassle. Manage your emails through a secure site or through Microsoft Outlook.

Spam & Virus Protection


Each piece of mail is subjected to independent spam and virus scans keeping your systems safe from email-borne threats.


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