Registered Investment Advisors

Registered advisors have an obligation to comply with applicable provisions and rules set forth by the SEC. One requirement involves maintaining all records in an easily accessible location, secure from unauthorized access or unintended destruction.

By simply downloading and installing Presensoft's Compliance & Archive solution suite, all instant messages (IM), emails, and website activity can be logged, managed, and archived. With all employee interactions recorded on one central console, your company can easily locate, access and retrieve any electronic record as requested by the SEC staff in a timely and efficient manner.

Make compliance easy!

  • Maintain all electronic records of IM and emails in Presensoft’s secure cloud
  • Record all user interactions in-office or remotely
  • Access and search archived messages quickly


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Compliance Solutions for Advisors


IM Compliance & Archive


Let Presensoft's IM Compliance & Archive solution record all IM conversations no matter what IM client your organization uses, including AIM, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Microsoft Lync, YellowJacket, ICE, Pivot or Bloomsberg.

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