Message Archiving for FERC Firms

Exclusive to FERC firms, Presensoft offers discounted archiving products and services to help these firms maintain compliance as expected by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). In addition to archiving services, Presensoft also offers effective prevention and detection security tools to ensure compliance.

FERC will put heavy emphasis on whether firms are taking precautionary compliance measures with focuses on:

  • Senior management's role in fostering compliance programs
  • Preventative practices to ensure compliance
  • Detection and reporting of non-compliant activity
  • Reactive efforts to remedy compliance violations

Exclusive Product Suite for FERC Firms

Presensoft's archiving and compliance product suite help FERC firms tackle all of the necessary elements as expected by FERC.


Archive all email and IM communication effectively.


» Preserve IM conversations from
   popular IM clients including:
  • Skype™
  • AIM® (AOL® Instant Messenger)
  • Yahoo!® Messenger
  • Microsoft Lync™
  • Google™ Talk
  • Pivot™
  • Instant Bloomberg®
  • ICE® and YellowJacket

» Archive emails from:
   • Exchange hosted services
   • Self-hosted exchange servers

» Record audit trail of checked
  • Save notes for further review

» Sync archived emails and IMs to to associate
   conversations with the appropriate
   Contacts and Leads

 Learn more about email archiving or instant message archiving.



Prevent unauthorized communication and detect suspicious user activity.


» Receive instant alerts based on
   restrictions set by administrators
  • Non-compliant keyword usage
  • Unauthorized website access
  • Unfamiliar system logins
  • Infrequent user activity

» Restrict access to unauthorized
   messaging tools, such as webmail and
   webIM, including:
  • AIM® Express
  • Gmail™
  • Yahoo!® Mail

» Create and manage user roles to
   prevent unauthorized users from
   accessing confidential information.
   Set roles for:
  • entire organization
  • groups or departments
  • individuals

» Store messages in a secure,
   cloud-based archive to keep data
   safe from compromise or deletion



Search & Reporting

Search through all messages and create reports as needed.


» Search and access messages from any
   location, anytime, on any mobile device

» Simple, single login to view all
   messages in one central location

» Filter and search messages by:
  • User
  • Date
  • Keyword
  • Subject
  • Computer
  • Auditor

» Create reports based on search
   results and export data in multiple
   formats, including:
  • PDF
  • XML
  • HTML
  • CSV
  • PST

» Create audit trail reports
  • Check audited and unaudited data
  • Create compliance audit reports
     by auditor or user



Special Benefits for FERC Firms

Presensoft offers the entire Archiving & Compliance product suite at an exclusive rate. In addition to the features of the product suite, Presensoft provides FERC firms with:

No set-up or training fees

   Presensoft will help you through the set-up process to make sure your compliance
   measures are properly set up and provide you with one-on-one training to utilize the
   product based on your business needs.

Discounted archive migration fees

   Make sure you don't lose your old message archives. We'll help you migrate all of
   your data into the Presensoft archive.

Unlimited cloud-based archive storage

   Store as much email and IM data as needed in our secure, cloud-based archive so
   users cannot compromise or delete your archive data.

Unlimited legal holds

   Save an unlimited number of messages for legal hold as required to ensure your
   organization retains important information for civil suits

Up to 7 years archive retention at no cost

   Keep messages for as long as required by federal law

Single, dedicated account manager

   Receive undivided support and assistance from a single account manager to assist
   you with any issues, from setup to creating reports.


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