Energy Traders

With strict rules and regulations set by FERC and the SEC, energy traders are required to retain any form of communication, including instant messaging (IM) and email, for at least 5 years. Energy trading firms must also set up a system whereby employee communications will be examined on a regular basis for any unusual interactions.

Our compliance and archive suite allow firms to capture and preserve all IM and emails from designated computers in any location. Archived in our secure cloud, all correspondence can be saved for as long as necessary.

The auditing feature allows managers to record compliance monitoring dates and create reports in agreement with the Office of Enforcement policies.

Make compliance easy!

  • Save all electronic records of IM and emails in Presensoft’s tamper-proof cloud
  • Create monitoring reports for compliance standards
  • Quick access makes eDiscovery easy


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Compliance Solutions for Energy Traders


IM Compliance & Archive


Let Presensoft's IM Compliance & Archive solution record all IM conversations no matter what IM client your organization uses, including AIM, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Microsoft Lync, YellowJacket, ICE, Pivot or Bloomsberg.

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